Whole House Insulation Inc. is a full service company dedicated and committed to providing you with work and materials that meets our high quality standards at competitive pricing.

Our mission is to help existing homeowners and property owners become more energy efficient, save money and live more comfortably while experiencing our friendly and family-like customer service.

We will take time to answer any questions you may have regarding insulation, ventilation and weatherization and give you straight, honest facts. We offer free estimates and some jobs can be quoted by phone. All calls are handled professionally and efficiently. We will give you the best advice for your energy savings.

We are here to service and please every customer’s insulation and weatherization needs. We are professionals and much of our business comes from referrals from our satisfied customers. With our knowledge and expertise we will provide you with some of the best energy savings advice.

We are an established and stable company. Our dedication to our customers sets us apart from other insulators, and we protect every home and treat it as if it is our own property.

Most homes are under-insulated and in some cases have NO insulation at all. Adding insulation to your home is the most cost effective, energy saving measure you can do. Insulation installed correctly with a higher R-Value will add protection and comfort to your home for many years to come. With the proper ventilation and the adequate amount of insulation, you will be much cooler in the summer and a lot warmer in the winter. With as much as 50% of your energy going out the roof, you cannot afford “NOT TO INSULATE!”

With an under-insulated home in the summer, the heat transfers through the attic and walls; this makes the interior of your home hot and humid. In the winter, the heat escapes out the attic and walls, and therefore the home left feeling cold and drafty.

Whole House Insulation specializes in insulation of existing walls, attics, and crawl spaces, air sealing of chimney stacks, doors, windows, access panels, and roof.

We also do soffit venting, ice dam prevention, caulking of windows and doors, and installation of proper ventilation of the attic area, to allow appropriate air flow and reduce air infiltration.

We will review your home’s structure, including building type and envelope, and identify energy savings measures with your insulation and ventilation. Some home and business owners are unaware that moisture can be a ventilation problem, but we can help you eliminate the problem. With our help and recommendations, you can achieve significant reductions in your heating and cooling costs while also conserving energy and extending the life of your A/C and heating equipment.

We protect every home and treat it as if it is our own. Safety is our #1 concern!

Our specialty is in our customer service and care. If you have questions, just call and we can schedule a free estimate and consultation. However, most questions can be answered right over the phone. We will personally address all of your home and business concerns.

At Whole House Insulation, Inc., we value our customers and, with over 30 years of experience, we can guarantee that you are in good hands.

All our work and products are Energy Star approved! No job is too big or too small.